About Ross Nethery and Wild Pitches

Wild Pitches is a place of virtual ink and trees on which to deposit untold stories, thoughts and mental regurgitations from the sports business world (and beyond).

People who love sports, business and the sacred (or is it unholy?) marriage of the two will find it here, but with more focus on people and less on the deals and ratings and other stuff that is the bread and butter of SportsBusiness Journal. There are no limits on what else you might find, including musings on Texas brisket and chicken-fried steak, books and authors, football and tennis, and the glory of the great outdoors.

Ross Nethery is a sports-business journalist who has lately realized he’s drifted away from the very things that made him love journalism in the first place. (To wit: talk to people, tell stories, put lots of ink on lots of dead trees.) (To wit 2: He realizes that this is a common story among people in every field.) (To wit lastly: To anyone higher on his company’s org chart reading this, he vows and affirms that all other journalism roles he plays are equally interesting and rewarding!)

Thus, this blog.

In addition to being a non-fiction writer and wannabe novelist, Ross is a reader, hiker and gadget nerd with just enough tech knowledge to make life hell for the real web developers he works with. He’s a good 3.5 tennis player and adamantly insists that the USTA must have been mistaken when it bumped his rating to 4.0. He watches too much TV, most of it sports, with a strong focus on Texas A&M football and Roger Federer.

You can find him most days at the SportsBusiness Journal office, where he carries the title of managing editor, though he and his wife, Teri, are often on the road to a little spot on the New River in Virginia where their golden retriever pups, Daisy and Camper, can roam free. Email him at rnethery@mac.com, or bend his ear at just about any SBJ conference.

Disclaimer: All opinions, which will be (mostly) SFW, are his own.

The only thing most people regret is they didn’t live boldly enough.