About Ross Nethery and Wild Pitches

About this blog

I write about creative people and how they do what they do. Mostly people in the sports business, but they could be in any field. And I don’t limit the definition of creator to writers and musicians and artists. It could be someone who is devising a new way to sell tickets. Or making buildings more secure. Or negotiating the next big media deal. Those are the stories I want to tell.

About me

I’m a lifelong journalist who by day is managing editor of SportsBusiness Journal. For the last few years I’ve mostly focused on the digital side of the operation.

As I’ve tried to find ways to bring creativity to bear on the problems and opportunities that arise each day, I’ve become fascinated by the idea of creativity itself. What gives some people the confidence to come up with bold concepts and find ways to implement them, while others let their ideas wither without ever taking action.

Why ‘Wild Pitches’?

It’s a title that encapsulates much of what I love in life. You can pitch a story. You can pitch a tent. You can pitch a ball. You can find a pitch in music and on mountains, and even on boats and planes. Wild places and wild ideas are things I love and haven’t indulged in enough.